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Every real estate business needs a marketing strategy in 2019. In a highly competitive industry, real estate businesses are reliant on a variety of marketing tactics to stand out from the crowd. If you are struggling to find success with your marketing strategies, here are a few things that may be holding you back, as well as tips on how to improve moving forward.

You are not using social media

Social media continues to grow in popularity in the real estate industry. Real estate businesses are becoming more reliant on social media to connect with potential buyers and sellers. Many real estate businesses use their social accounts to do things like promote home listings, engage with users, and share local news stories. If you are not set up on social, you are missing out on some of the best tools available today for promoting your real estate services. Social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Twitter will help you extend your reach and attract more business.

Your contact information is not accessible

How accessible is your contact information online? An interested client should not have any trouble locating your contact us page on your website. Be sure that it stands out on your site, as well as all of your social channels.

You are not using local images

Be sure that you are sharing local images when you promote your listings online. Keep in mind that in addition to the home, buyers also want to learn about the local area. You can sell an area by including high-quality photographs of local parks, landmarks, dining hotspots, etc. 

You are not using a professional photographer

Excellent photographs go a long way in the real estate industry. If your listing photos are subpar, you may be turning away potential buyers. A professional photographer has the knowledge, skills, and equipment to take high-quality photographers that should help intrigue potential buyers. 

Your website is not mobile-friendly

Many people today are reliant on their mobile devices. With this, your real estate website must be mobile-friendly. If interested buyers can’t successfully access your site, they may become disinterested and choose to hire another agent.

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